quarta-feira, agosto 11, 2004

Noise Pollution 

ur mocking tones make me want to wring ur voice
like one does to wring a piece of clothing dry
i wanna drain the sound of ur voice
until muteness kicks in
until all i see is ur lips movings
but the sound i'll hear--the sound of silence
i wanna break the noise u make,
the pollution to my ears
i wanna throw out ur voice
along w/ all the other garbage on trash day


quinta-feira, agosto 05, 2004

More than just this 

I get lost in the translation of the words spoken
and the thoughts they came from
I hang on to broken chains
I want more than what my words offer me
these thoughts never come out straight
and usually wreck themselves on the way out
they hold on to the broken chains w/ eyes closed
and plunge into the uncertainty of what they'll bcm
no, it's not everything i've dreamt
for these dreams venture on rollercoasters held by broken chains
I remember not fearing to lose, b/c everything seemed like a gain,
a victory
a constant mystery of all that was still to be seen
I want more than just ok
more than just the ordinary
I hang on to broken chains
but i'm not giving up
I want my words to have life
wish they'd open their eyes and finally start walking
Where have I been?
If u see me, please come my way
take the broken chains from my hands
Don't let me see them again
I don't want to simply get by--
wipe the hair from my sticky cheeks
unclutter my mind
so that i may have room to breathe (again)
take the broken chains
wash my fingertips
help me repaint the dreams my sight has lost


segunda-feira, agosto 02, 2004

Se pudesse falar cntg 

Sometimes i wonder why i miss u so much
u, on the other side of the Atlantic
so far from sight, mas tao perto do coraçao
amo-te de tal maneira que o meu coraçao rasga-se em pensamento de ti
tenho saudades de quem és
saudades do oxigenio que me das
tenho saudades
tantas, tantas
and i wonder why my heart doesn't leave u
i wonder why it can't get away
but i thought distance puts out the flames
and my tears would drown w/ the rain
but i've been fooled
why do i long to feel ur breath?
tenho saudades
até daquilo que de ti ainda nao conheço
sinto a tua falta
lembras-te quando o sol me aquecia c/ os seus beijos
e na areia, eu sonhava
sonhava cntg
desejando que as horas nao passassem
que os momentos se prolongassem
que os dias nao acabassem
pois assim nao estaria agora aqui
pra te dizer que te desejo mais perto de mim


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