quinta-feira, agosto 10, 2006

Coisas Encantadoras 

I'm tempted to think that at times u fool me and I fail to realize it
I never did knock on ur door w/ a bag of popcorn in hand
and never did we sit down to see where it'd go
See, u were a flirt right from the start, but swore the opposite
I miss the Monday coffee
I miss the shirt and tie u were wearing when u walked in w/ it that cup in hand
I miss looking at u for the 1st time and not knowing what to really say
so all I did was smile
I couldn't phathom what thoughts were lingering in those eyes
I wonder if that was part of the conquest for me to bcm another one in ur book,
just another chapter, maybe even just a paragraph, a small waste of a breath
No matter how I may dress up my words, I still feel like a little girl inside as they gasp for breath when I write them
(maybe that's me)
I miss noticing u thought of me during the day
I miss feeling that I am ur everything
I miss breathing in ur words
I miss having u concentrate on my face and just look at me and I miss reading all the words they spoke
I can't bring myself to elaborate any more on how much I miss u making me feel that I am ur everything....
And all the while here, w/ u I wonder why u've stopped being what u said u were....


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