quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2005


I know it's best to say "good-bye", apesar de nunca nos darmos a uma oportunidade de dizer "ola".
E nada passou, mas sinto k entre olhares, falamos mais do k c/ as palavras k nunca foram ditas.
Ja nao ha maneira de voltar a tras e nem possibilidades de continuarmos c/ o inexistente.


quarta-feira, setembro 28, 2005


She left. She left her husband and her children, and didn't care to think what society would say. Would they scorn her? Of course! One knows how people relish in others' (established) wrongs.
She's no longer the doll, who once he played w/, who he once had on a string and w/ every move, she, too, would do the same. She's no longer a reflection of his wishes, no longer a white picket fence ideal.
She's a woman.
She took off her costume and stepped into true character. She broke away from this tradition where all u're doing is playing a role, b/c that's what u're expected to do, and not what in truth u want to do.
I smiled for her. I applauded her strength to recognize that above anything else and any duty to someone else, she owed it to herself--at least in that moment.
Poor foolish thing...all he could do was stand there w/ a lost look upon his face. Never did it occur to him that she had it in herself to come to this pt. He thought her just a "stupid, stupid woman."
Not so stupid afterall. Ela sabia leva-lo. She was smarter than he ever thought, smarter than him, obviously.
Though, there are those u love the most, there are also people u prefer to be w/.
Fool, she crashed ur so highly held image. She crushed u more that u crushed her; and that b/c it had always been abt u and never abt her.
She crushed u.
How does it feel to be lost?


domingo, setembro 25, 2005


She picked up and left, didn't think to come back and say good-bye
All of a sudden they were strangers, leaving behind decades of lives shared, and love once promised. Now, they part their ways, part their hearts and bring back the emptiness they felt bf finding each other.
Just pick up and drive. Pick up and forget all u're leaving behind.
Just pick up and drive. Pick up and forget u're being left behind.


quarta-feira, setembro 14, 2005

My Lust 

Juro k isto é somente um fraco k o meu coraçao tem por ti
A doçura de olhares interessados e hungry words, nao passa disso
SMS ao meio da noite e conversas até o sol nos acordar,
juro k nao é nada mais k um fraco por ti
It's the sweet look in ur eyes, e esse mesmo pode ser traiçoeiro
mesmo k me digas o contrário
nao sou somente mais uma peça k traz á vida um palco de teatro, e nao
sou somente pra ser alguém k cobiças, mas sim alguém k irá ser amada
Juro-te k o k sentes é somente um fraco k vai desaparecer tal como veio, e nem te darás por conta
Juro k a doçura em ti, por mim nao vai além d'um desafio do teu ser..


segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2005

Look into her Eyes 

I don't understand what I'm doing, quanto mais agora responsabilizar-me pelas tuas acoes.
Soon enough u'll realize k o k tens nao e pra ser jogado porta fora so por outra rapariga te aparecer a frente.
If u don't love her, let her go, but don't hurt her. I know what it's like to be in her shoes and I wouldn't want to be the reason u break her heart, much like he's broken mine.
Pensa bem... ...
What is most important to u?


quinta-feira, setembro 08, 2005


I ate your mangos,
they were delicious


quinta-feira, setembro 01, 2005

Me Confunde Estar Asi 

Hoy volvi a pensar en ti


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